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With RAGIDX Admin, you can:

  • Manage your knowledge base with ease.
  • Import documents of all types, Doc, PDF, XLS, you name it.
  • Collaborate with your team.
  • Track your AI performance with our analytics dashboard.
  • Integrate with your existing systems with our API.
  • And more!

Dive into the world of RAGIDX Admin.

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What Our AIPRM Users Say

Superpowers for ChatGPT

"Amazing superpowers for ChatGPT =)”

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Marcio Toledo
Designer and Shopify Expert at Click2it Digital

The best way to make use of ChatGPT!

"I think AIPRM is most likely the BEST way to make use of ChatGPT! I work in the coaching and psychotherapy market and I learned so much just by playing with AIPRM. It is so freaking amazing I feel like slapping myself everytime I use it And the fact that it allows users to create templates and prompts simply exploded it to stardom! Thank you for this amazing tool!!”

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Eugen Popa
CEO & Founder at Pro Success Training


"I just started, but it seems very good work”

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Konstantina Roussi
Author, Proofreader at Freelancer

Some of Our AIPRM Customers

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