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Knowledge for your AI, hosted in Europe

Don't settle for bland answers. Starting using AI with your own knowledge base. With RAGIDX for AIPRM.

RAGIDX stands for “Running As Guide Index” and is your trusted knowledge base that you can use to empower an AI model of your choice. All your sensitive data is stored in Europe only, handled by European companies only.

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Designed for You and Your Teams

RAGIDX provides efficient and affordable AI on top of ChatGPT.

RAGIDX Cockpit now lets you use the power of RAGIDX with secure AI APIs and many different LLMs.
AI statistics show that 53% of business owners expect AI to save them time. So, use RAGIDX and spend more of your time on your business.

You’ll be in Good Company

Trusted by over 2,000,000 users of AIPRM and some of the world's biggest brands

What Our AIPRM Customers Say

Very Useful Tool for SEO

"This is very useful tool for SEO. it's saved me lots of time and work now. I can easily manage most of the project becoz of this. Thanks for creating this amazing tool”

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Ankit Shrivastava
Search Engine Optimization Executive at UV Soft Solutions

My life got better with AIPRM

"Email rainmaker working on getting more clients to my unique service offering. And using ChatGPT has made my life so much easier, but do you know what; my life got even better with AIPRM. Use it to leverage the power of ChatGPT even more.”

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Stuart Fung
SAP EDI Consultant at Kelloggs

Improved quality of work it also made me significantly more efficient

" I absolutely love this tool. As the owner of two distinct businesses and a sales and marketing consultant for numerous others, this tool is essential. I utilize it for approximately 10 hours a day. Not only has it improved the quality of my work, …”

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James Eglin
Founder - VP of Sales and Marketing at The Online Business Agency

It saved me a lot of time

"My Name is Khubchand Kushwah, and I am a Digital Marketer and also a Web Developer, When I found the tutorial in YouTube, first time I feel it is time consuming but after I decided to try this platform, it saved my time, This is an evolution in the …”

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Khubchand Kushwah
Wordpress and Youtube SEO manager at The Earther

AIPRM is the best!

"Best extension ever!”

user name display picture
Bernd Wünsche
Finanzjournalist, Copywriter & Content Creator at Consulting Wünsche

One of the things I love about AIPRM is the vast collection of Prompts that are available

"I appreciate the idea of sharing exciting prompts with all community members. It follows the idea of collective learning and growth, which I do personally like a lot. ”

user name display picture
Begoña Mallenco
Corporate Fundraising Officer at The SeaCleaners

Effortlessly Creating New Ideas with AIPRM

"It is very easy to develop new ideas with AIPRM Extension! Thanks!”

user name display picture
Oscar Pires Junior
Owner at Brasix Empreendimentos Digitais

Very easy to use

"It is an excellent tool and also very easy to use. Thank you very much for this.”

user name display picture
Carlos Mauricio Rojas Calvete
Head of Sales at Disanmotos
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