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Knowledge for your AI, hosted in Europe

Don't settle for bland answers. Starting using AI with your own knowledge base. With RAGIDX for AIPRM.

RAGIDX stands for “Running As Guide Index” and is your trusted knowledge base that you can use to empower an AI model of your choice. All your sensitive data is stored in Europe only, handled by European companies only.

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Designed for You and Your Teams

RAGIDX provides efficient and affordable AI on top of ChatGPT.

RAGIDX Cockpit now lets you use the power of RAGIDX with secure AI APIs and many different LLMs.
AI statistics show that 53% of business owners expect AI to save them time. So, use RAGIDX and spend more of your time on your business.

You’ll be in Good Company

Trusted by over 2,000,000 users of AIPRM and some of the world's biggest brands

What Our AIPRM Customers Say

Amazing experience

"Its an amazing experience.”

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Mario Lostri
Wholesale Account Manager at Telecom Argentina

It has helped me a lot

"It has helped me a lot, thank you very much for the tool”

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Cristian Montoya
Principal Chief Executive Officer at Soluciones Digitales Global

AIPRM's 1-Click Prompts Are Incredible!

"I'm totally amazed with the 1 click prompts that saves me a lot of effort and valuable time. I highly recommend it to all the Chatgpt users.”

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Panagiotis Lymperopoulos
Fashion Photographer at KAVYAR

AIPRM: A Time-Saving Miracle for PhD Research Writing!

"As a PhD researcher, I am surprised to say that I can not express my emotions in front of the screen. I am simply blown away by the 90% of the time it saves for me. I wrote one article in 3 months, but using Chatgpt + AIPRM I can write more than 10 …”

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Dr. Waheed Ullah
Ph.D. in Business Management/Photographer at ProWaheed

AIPRM Elevates AI to New, Unprecedented Heights

"How can things get any better than Chat GPT? Then AIPRM comes along to make AI 10000x better. I'm so happy and grateful for the gift of AI. Thank you!”

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Jody Royee
Owner & CEO at Meta Mark 360

Absolute Time Saver!

"IT'S POWERFUL!!! AIPRM is an absolute time saver. The amount of content you get, even for a free user, is immense. Thank you for your efforts in keeping it active and with immense resources”

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Vivian Francos
Digital Marketer at SEOHashtag Marketing

Awesome and well worth it. I suggest giving it a spin

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Salvatore Giacalone
IT Business Intelligence Lead at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Transformative AIPRM: A Must-Have for Idea Enthusiasts Using ChatGPT!.

"This is the most beneficial app to install if you’re an idea guy like me who uses ChatGPT. I absolutely love it”

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Jalen Nelson
Head of Demand Generation at Cloud Task
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